For Wordpress CMS Users

Below is an example of the code that I used to insert the External Vote Buttton into the single page template for Wordpress. Open up your single post template file (single.php) and the main index template (index.php) and insert the following code to add the button to your Wordpress blog! You will need to change the last line value "PliggLarge" to "PliggSmall" if you wish to use the compact button. You may also want to customize the <div> surrounding the button to better position the button.

For Blogspot/Blogger Users

Begin by navigating to the blogger homepage. Then click on the "Design" link for the blog that you want to add the button to. Next click on the "Edit HTML" link near the top of the page. Next click on the checkbox next to "Expand Widget Tempaltes" to display the full template code in the textbox. Now search for "<data:post.body/>" and paste the code directly above that line to insert the EVB button. Additional CSS styling may be required to overwrite some of your sites settings.

This example code does not define a category or tags to be used, so you may want to manually add those values in yourself using examples from above code snippets.


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