Windows 11 Delight details
Microsoft’s Windows 11 preview has been available for a couple of weeks now, but I’m still discovering new animations and details in this new OS that put a smile on my face. While the new Start menu and centered taskbar are the obvious changes in Windows 11 that you’ll notice straight away, it’s the small animations throughout the OS that really make it feel a lot more fresh and alive than ever before...
Azure Cost Optimization: Reduce Cloud Costs By 30%
Learn the three advanced ways CIOs can reduce IT operations costs by 30% in 2021. Explore how Azure cost optimization, AI and virtual assistants can help.
Internet Explorer has a major security flaw, but Microsoft can't patch it yet
Internet Explorer that is currently being exploited by hackers, Microsoft has confirmed its existence though the software giant has no immediate plans to release a patch to fix it.
Microsoft contractors listening your Skype, Cortana chats
The revelation came after Motherboard found contractors were listening to audio from both services, including sensitive and personal conversations of Microsoft customers.
Twitch loses streaming star Ninja to Microsoft's Mixer
Amazon’s games streaming platform Twitch has lost one of its biggest stars - to a rival site owned by Microsoft.
Heidi Holman, assistant general counsel, from Microsoft will represent on group board. The group have published XR Primer which include best practices for developer who are just getting started with AR and VR work.
Bill Gates believes that big tech companies need to be regulated.....

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