If You’re Interested in the Paranormal, Watch This Full Length Online Movie about Psychics on Youtube
Paranormal TV has a long list of full length online movies. These movies cover everything from psychics to witchcraft. The YouTube channel was started by Mark Victor, the screenplay writer for the film Poltergeist.
Curses and Spells are they Real? | Psychic Guild Blog
You may all be familiar with curses. And we most commonly hear about this word when we see psychics.Since we all fear curses, many psychics have found this to be a lucrative way to extort money from clients. However, the fact is that curses are not real.
The Case of the Psychic Nurse | Psychic Guild Blog
According to accounts, Niell was accused by city and hospital officials for allegedly accessing patient records illegally through the Physician Link patient database of the hospital.
For Rent: Property of Hingham Fraud Psychic | Psychic Guild Blog
Because of allegedly scamming a woman, 69 years old from Pembroke, of $7,000, Teresa Nicholas and Tiffany Crystal Smith have been arrested. Since that woman moved forward with a case, other victims have revealed themselves as well.
Psychic Hired to Help Couple Find Their Missing Son | Psychic Guild Blog
Their son has been missing for over a month already. And with the investigation seeming to go nowhere, they have finally sought a psychic from Britain who has sent them a sketch of five men believed to be linked to their son’s whereabouts.
Psychic Classes Among Kids Said to Strengthen Intuition | Psychic Guild Blog
According to Stacia Synnestvedt, every third Friday of the month, she teaches 5-10-year-old kids at Boulder’s Psychic Horizons Center for children. In this class, children are made to sing songs, play their games, and even practice being quiet.
More Psychics are Offering Help to Find Missing Iowa Girls | Psychic Guild Blog
Such a talent has been playing a vital role in the search for two missing Iowa girls, Lyric Cook, 10 years old, and Elizabeth Collins, 8 years old. The two girls were under the babysitting of their grandmother when they disappeared on July 13.

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