WordPress customization services
The use of WordPress has increased, making it the mainly used web page and content development programme in the world. To produce the highest torsion from technology, you require a group of experts. We provide the business of coming up with the best of WordPress for various companies and enterprises in the USA. We have a group of professionals with an aim for development and safety. We make sure the best results to our users.
GroupDocs.Watermark for .NET Introduced - A Convenient Watermarking .NET API

Watermarking is a technique to indicate that the document is confidential and contains some sensitive information/data.
GroupDocs.Watermark can be used to apply the watermark to all the documents to symbolize the sensitivity of the information and to discourage any unauthorized and unaccredited sharing.

GroupDocs.Watermark - Supported Features
Following are the salient features exposed by GroupDocs.Watermark for .NET.

- Adding text/image watermark to supported document formats
- Searching and removing tex
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