Onco Life Hospital is a Cancer Treatment from Pune, Maharashtra, India
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Cancer in India-Exponential rise in the past few Decades
Cancer cases have increased to almost double in few decades in India among which breast cancer topped the count. What is the reason behind the vast rise of cancer disease?
Types of Oncologists and Their Specialities in Oncology
Oncologists are team of medical professionals involved in diagnosis, treatment, and research of cancer. Refer here to learn about oncology and the specialty of oncologists.
Different Types of Breast Cancer Treatments in Pune
Breast cancer can be treated with various processes or combination depending upon the type of cancer and it's growth stages. Learn more about breast cancer treatments here.
Our Oral & Maxillofacial Unit provides necessary oral rehabilitation to the patients after surgery that helps decrease debilitating deformities. For more info, read here.
Six Simple Spices to Include in Your Diet to Lower Risk of Cancer
It is believed that some of the spices contribute in keeping the cancer disease at bay. Get to know about simple spices to include in your diet to lower the risk of cancer.
Best Oncologist near Pune at Satara
Meet best oncologist in Pune like radiation oncologist, surgical oncologist & other cancer specialist in Pune for the best cancer treatment in Maharashtra.
Best Hematology Hospital with Bone Marrow Transplant facility in Pune
For Lymphoma & Leukemia Treatment In Pune, you can always trust Onco-Life Cancer Centre - the best hematology hospitals for Bone Marrow Transplant In Pune, near Kolhapur.
Best Cancer Specialist Hospital Near Pune, Satara
Get treatment for all types of cancer at one of the best Cancer Specialist Hospitals Near Pune, Satara - Onco-Life Cancer Centre. Now, book your appointment online.