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Episode 11: My Mystified Love
We believe that HAPPINESS IS A KNOW-HOW. Amazingly, this know-how of finding happiness has been around for a few decades. The details have been refined by dozens of authors over time. But the know-how has been clearly available in largely boring and cryptic details in thick books.
Coca Cola VS Mentos - Experiment
What happens if you mix Mentos and Coca Cola?

Well, the Coke becomes foamy and erupts causing a large Volcano or Geyser.
This happens because the Mentos mints cause a rapid nucleation in the carbon dioxide bubbles of the Soda.

The reaction is much higher in Soft Drinks that do not contain sugar LIGHT or ZERO.
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A painful struggle: Opioids can be dangerous, but restrictions — or a ban — are worse
For the last nine years, this country has suffered from a growing overdose crisis caused by illicit fentanyl — aka “the opioid crisis” — which is responsible for killing more than 80,000 Americans in 2020 alone.
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