Xenius is a IOT/M2M from Noida, Uttar Pradesh
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Are you interested in IoT and M2M? You can learn a lot from Xenius. If you are a student or business person unaware of IoT and M2M visit our blog. Read various blogs based on prepaid metering, smart grid, smart city, IBMS solutions, OEM solutions, DG management, solar power management and water management. These solutions can easily teach you the concept of IoT and M2M and you can implement them in your daily life as well as in business to grow.
Xenius a pioneer of IoT/M2M in India in Prepaid metering, IBMS solutions, Smart Grid, Smart city and Diesel generator management. Electronic equipment is necessary in our life to do things that we can't do however, they require human interaction to work. To automate the electronic equipments you need IoT and M2M. The advantage of using IoT and M2M is your business or daily life will increase the benefit. Connect with us to assist you better: +91-7303093408
IoT in Prepaid Metering, Smart Cities, Water Management, Solar Power, ESS, OEM and many more
Interested in IoT, Interested in change? We have the solutions, Xenius is a leading IoT/M2M company based in Noida and Delhi and serving all across the globe with solutions like Prepaid Metering, IBMS solutions for buildings, Smart Cities, Smart Grid, Water Management, OEM and DG management solutions. We are a pioneer or prepaid metering, smart city, smart grid and DG management in India. Get quality solutions call us: +91 7303093408 or check our blogs to know our detailed work.
Smart Prepaid Meter Solutions All over India and Abroad
Xenius prepaid metering solutions have the lowest cost of ownership. Be the product we follow BIS compliance. Be the service we follow transparency as it is our core value to do the business. We are humbled to introduce the first AMR based prepaid meter in India in 2003. 139783+ prepaid electricity meters installed and managed and counting. Buy the best and smart prepaid meter solution. Talk with our expert: +91-7303093408
IBMS automation solutions in Delhi NCR
IBMS automation solutions or Integrated building management solution provided by Xenius to make your building smarter using IoT/M2M technology. When you get our solution you get safety, security and comfortable living. Want to know more about how we can help you? call us: +91-7303093408 or email us: [email protected]
Smart metering solutions in Delhi NCR By Xenius
Smart metering solutions help you to live smart with you whenever you think of your electricity meter. Xenius's Smart metering solutions in Delhi NCR allow you to monitor and analyze your electricity consumption online, allow you to recharge online, choose peak hours, bill generation, SMS alerts and protect revenue loss.