Bourgas Dry Salami Shpek
Burgas shpek salami is a traditional Bulgarian salami made from Premium beef and pork and original spices according to authentic family recipes. The flavor of Bulgaria made in the USA.

Beef Pastarma Dry Cured Beef
Traditional Dry Cured Pastarma ( Bulgarian style Basturma ) made from Premium Beef according to authentic family recipes. Coated with paprika and traditional spice mix. Made in the USA by Hebros Foods. Weight may vary +/- 0.1 USDA Certified.
Bulgarian Salty Snacks from Serdika Foods
Try the amazing taste of the traditional Bulgarian snacks, such as Bruschette bites Maretti, Zayo Bayo, Hrus-Hrus salty sticks, Lotto, and much more. Delivery within 1-2 business days to any location in the USA.

Top Caterer in Bhubaneswar
As a premium outside caterer in Bhubaneswar, Tandoor Hot utilize high-quality materials and advanced methods to prepare delicious and finger licking food as per the choices and requirement of our clients. We are a team of creative individuals who have a great passion for cooking and organizing events. We not only prepare delicious cuisines but take care of your each and every guest by readily catering special diets for the vegan/lactose intolerant/celiac in your party.
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DIY Eyelash Tinting For Eyes That Pop Without Mascara
There are countless ways their pores and skin can change from appointment to appointment.
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Easy Chapati Recipe
Found in almost every Indian household, the comforting smell of garama garam rotis or chapatis is a familiar memory. This ubiquitous Indian flatbread is a favoured accompaniment with a sabzi or curry., As a leftover, chapatis are the easiest to makeover into a brand new meal or snack.

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