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Play Therapy Techniques - Is Play Therapy Right for Your Child?
Play therapy is very beneficial for your child's mental health. It's a technique that can be used to uncover the hidden emotions or problems your kid is facing. In this story, you will learn the different techniques and benefits of kids' play therapy.
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Perfume manufacturer in Gujarat- French Aerosol
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Dua for love back
Here we provide you the most powerful dua to get your love back. After performing dua for love you easily get someone fall in love with you.
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SQL Window Functions on Data Science Interviews | Asked By Airbnb, Netflix, Twitter, Uber
Let's cover 4 SQL window function interview questions asked on Airbnb, Netflix, Twitter, and Uber data science interviews. I cover the questions and how to solve them, and exactly what the functions are doing to the data.

Link to questions:
Aggregate Functions -- Uber: https://bit.ly/37zCMcS
Ranking -- Twitter: https://bit.ly/3lOFArH
NTILE() -- Netflix: https://bit.ly/3lN0qI7
LEAD/LAG -- Airbnb: https://bit.ly/37tx6kE